Professional Development

Providing educators with opportunities to help students realize their full potential.

Learn how you can improve your instructional strategies and engage your students straight from the experts.

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Professional Development

Striving for success with proven results.

Take your instructional skills to the next level with professional development learning modules, training videos and real-time digital workshops designed to improve the classroom teaching and learning experience.

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Professional Development: Striving for success with proven results.
Family Resources: Is College right around the corner?
Family Resources

Is College right around the corner?

Thinking about college? Use these resources to start a meaningful conversation with your family about higher education.

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Success Stories
Success Stories

Empowering students to pursue their passion through education.

At TGR Foundation, we believe quality education can transform the lives of students, families and communities.

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TGR EDU: Explore is part of TGR Foundation’s wraparound educational programs that provides teachers and students with the resources they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Additional Programs From TGR Foundation

TGR EDU:Create

Fulfilling Tiger’s vision to reach more students throughout the nation, TGR EDU: Create is a program aimed at providing professional development and resources for educators involved with the vital subjects of STEM education and college access. Here, you can join a network of passionate professionals committed to building a brighter future for students around the globe.

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Earl WoodsScholar Program

Supporting high-potential students with demonstrated need and a commitment to community service, the Earl Woods Scholar Program goes far beyond financial assistance. Each Earl Woods Scholar also receives mentoring support, specialized internship opportunities, career development and enrichment workshops.

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Additional Programs: TGR EDU Create

TGRLearning Lab

TGR Learning Lab has strived to not only offer students unique learning experiences in STEM and enrichment programs in college access, but also serve as an environment where kids can recognize their potential and create positive change for themselves, their families and their communities.

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Additional Programs: TGR EDU Create

TGR EDU:Global

TGR EDU: Global is dedicated to enhancing excellence in STEM education, social entrepreneurship and workforce readiness throughout the world by bringing together international educators to learn how to build active, student-centered environments in their classrooms.

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Additional Programs: TGR EDU Create