33:26 min.

College Access

  • College and Career Resources
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • English Language Arts


The college admissions process can be overwhelming, even for the most prepared students. Establishing a college list, seeking out financial aid and navigating the multiple hurdles along the way are all part of a successful journey into post-secondary life. Given the stress associated with the college admissions process, how do we best prepare students to persevere? With concrete, hands-on examples, higher-education experts from TGR Foundation discuss how high school students can prepare for the college journey. The session focuses on highlighting the importance of self-advocacy in students and what self-advocacy looks like in the college process.

Student Will Learn

  • 21st Century Skills
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity
    • Communication
    • Critical Thinking


  • Understand why self-advocacy is a critical skill for students to develop to aid in the college-access process
  • Experience sample activities for students that highlight the self-advocacy skill
  • Learn about various personalized tech tools that aid in student learning and motivation