35 min.

Rethinking Failure: Integrating Social and Emotional Learning into Any Discipline

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • English Language Arts
  • College and Career Resources


Social and emotional learning reframes teaching and learning more holistically, so that students are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to navigate the world more effectively. In this webinar, experts from TGR Foundation walk through the benefits of social emotional learning and how best to set up students for success, no matter the obstacles that get in their way. Get hands-on activities, including some featured in our digital lesson bundle, Rethinking Failure, as well as strategies you can use to integrate SEL into any discipline.

Student Will Learn

  • 21st Century Skills
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity
    • Communication
    • Critical Thinking


  • Understand what Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is and learn how to integrate SEL competencies through hands-on, experiential activities
  • Examine application methods for elements of the Rethinking Failure digital lesson bundle
  • Reflect on strategies for engagement, relevance and effectiveness